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In many cases it is attractive to ask a second opinion (besides the one of the specialist(s) in your company). Outsiders have a fresh look on the matter and they also might discover relevant aspects that are not otherwise obvious.


BBC can offer the expert best suited for the job.


Our consultants can help you with, among others:


·     Brainstorming sessions

·     Practical advice

·     Project assistance

·     Trouble shooting

·     State of the art and literature research



Confidential services are offered in the disciplines of environmental and industrial biotechnology, in disciplines ranging from microbiology to process engineering, from strain development to fermentation technology.

The formal aspects of consultation (length, frequency, etc.) are defined on a case to case basis depending upon the needs of the customer and in total respect of confidentiality.


The main people at BBC are:


Scientific Director:  Danilo Porro

Strain development and industrial microbiology: Paola Branduardi  

Environmental biotechnology: Fabio Fava

Fermentation technology: Luca Brambilla, Gianni Frascotti, Simone Passolunghi

Bioreactor and process modelling: Luca de Gioia

Downstream and product purification: Paolo Tortora

Recruitment and press contact: Carla Smeraldi